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ElderCare Resource Services is able to tailor its services to meet the individual needs of our clients. ElderCare Resource Services is able to complete a thorough evaluation of your loved one consisting of medical, day-to-day functioning, and psychosocial needs. After a complete evaluation ElderCare Resource Services will prepare a care plan to review with the client. Whether your loved one needs care at home or assisted living or nursing home care, Linda Sullivan and Debbie Gitner are able to provide the answers and help your family.

Linda and Debbie have extensive experience in working with the geriatric population. Both have worked in long-term care and have the experience of knowing the "ins and outs". This knowledge is invaluable to family members whose loved one needs care. The medical field is changing and benefits continue to be cut by insurance companies. Linda and Debbie are both well connected within the medical field and aware of the changes occurring.

ElderCare Resource Services feels it is very important that each personís rights are respected and that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect, whether during the evaluation or subsequently.  If at anytime your loved one is not treated appropriately, ElderCare Resource Services will be able to help you take the right actions and connect with the appropriate agencies.

ElderCare Resource Services' goal is to make family members an educated consumer so that they can make the best decisions for their loved ones. We want to help you help your loved one through the continuum of life especially as his or her health changes.

With over 56 years of combined experience in the Geriatric Healthcare field, we can provide a full range of support and knowledge for you and your loved one.

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Last modified: 09/28/08