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The Benefits of Care Management Services

Care management services are offered in a variety of settings. PGCMs can serve the needs of their clients with the following services:

bulletShort-term or ongoing assistance for long distance caregivers or others requiring assistance.
bulletPersonalized and compassionate services focusing on the individual's wants and needs.
bulletAccessibility: Care is typically available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
bulletContinuity of care management by facilitating family communication, reducing the burden on families and preventing unnecessary expenditures.
bulletEfficiency and flexibility based upon a client-centered approach eliminating bureaucratic constraints.
bulletCost containment by avoiding inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and crisis intervention to avoid hospitalizations.
bulletQuality control: care management services that follow GCM's Standards of Practice.

Who Uses Geriatric Care Manager Services?

bulletBanks and Trust Officers.
bulletPhysicians and Allied Health Professionals.
bulletSocial Service Providers.
bulletGerontology Professionals.
bulletSenior Housing Communities.
bulletProfessional fiduciaries.

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Last modified: 09/28/08